Each assault with a deadly weapon situation is different. At Lijt Law, we will take the time to look at your individual case, including the circumstances of your arrest, the evidence against you, the availability of legal defenses, your prior criminal history, and other factors. We will always fight for the best possible resolution to your assault with a deadly weapon case in the Hollywood area court system.

We at Lijt Law desire to help clients throughout the Hollywood area unable to readily help themselves. For Many Years, we have been helping clients facing assault with a deadly weapon charges in need of a guiding and helping hand.

At Lijt Law, we provide a highly dedicated and efficient defense so your case will be the success you hope it to be. Assault with a deadly weapon cases can go all sorts of different ways, but with us on our side, your goals will be the focal point of our defense team in Hollywood. Let us be your go-to legal team in Hollywood.

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Hollywood area courtrooms do not take assault with a deadly weapon matters lightly and neither should you. If you face assault with a deadly weapon charges, rely on a professional and aggressive legal representative like the legal team at Lijt Law for a greater chance at proper representation. Call us at (323) 379-5458 now for a proper defense in your case.

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