If you find yourself facing criminal charges in or around El Monte, you do not have to face your trial alone. The legal team at Lijt Law has been working with clients for over Many Years, so we know how to handle these difficult times. Just one criminal charge can haunt you for the rest of your life, but if you trust us at Lijt Law, we could be able to get you out of the situation with as little damage as possible.

At Lijt Law, we believe in shrewdly pushing for the best possible plea bargain. While preparing your case, our outstanding criminal counsel will keep you informed of anything and everything you need to know about your judicial process. No matter the circumstances of your case, we at Lijt Law will work diligently to keep you informed and secure in your defense. Any good El Monte area representation requires understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of, and possible outcomes for, a case.


When you have been dealt criminal charges, you are going to need a defense lawyer who can put your needs first. At Lijt Law, we understand how to make the most out of every detail in a case, and because of this skill, we have seen great success with our clients in the El Monte area for the past Many Years.

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