We - the attorneys of Lijt Law, defend our clients' liberty and immigration interests through zealous advocacy and intricate knowledge of the criminal and immigration systems. We explore every possible angle available to our clients while putting our extensive experience into play to deliver the very best defense possible in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Our attorneys are well versed in the intricacies of the immigration process and have achieved tremendous successes in advancing our clients' aspirations for obtaining residency and citizenship status. In addition, our unique specialization in these two areas allows us to handle the nuanced legal issues which arise when potential immigrants run afoul of the criminal courts. We pride ourselves on our client centric focus and are eager to begin discussing the details of your case with you today. Call us now (323) 379-5458.

Criminal Defense

Ljt Law draws on its in-depth knowledge of federal and state criminal laws in California to prevail in the criminal justice system, zealously defending our clients from all forms of criminal charges. Successful criminal defense work requires extensive legal knowledge for forging winning strategies, skilled oratory and writing for painting defendants in a positive light, and the ability to artfully present winning arguments in court to win over judges and juries. Lijt Law handles all aspects of criminal defense in Southern California, and stands ready to put its expertise to work defending your rights and liberties. Time is of the essence when facing criminal charges, and even minor delays can potentially prejudice your defense. Obtaining legal representation immediately is absolutely critical to protecting your rights and freedoms so call Lijt Law today.


The federal immigration system can be a daunting maze to navigate for both prospective immigrants and attorneys alike. The success or failure of a client's immigration status, asylum petition, or deportation defense will often hinge upon nuanced application of fact to an ever changing body of law. We at Lijt Law take tremendous pride in aiding new immigrants who are seeking to begin a new life in this great nation, and know the immigration system intimately. Retaining the services of experienced immigration lawyers can make all the difference between a smooth and timely path to citizenship, or endless frustration and worse. Lijt Law is eager to advance your interests and protect your rights during this exciting new phase of your life, so contact us without delay.

Criminal Defense for Immigrants

Potential Immigrants who have had criminal proceedings begun against them in the U.S. are faced with the very real prospect of having their visa revoked, losing their eligibility for naturalization, incarceration and even deportation. Even relatively minor infractions can result in the dashed hopes of achieving United States residence and citizenship. Understanding how criminal charges will impact your future as a potential immigrant, and defending those goals successfully, will require the services of attorneys who are experienced in both areas of legal practice. Time is of the essence and you have so much to lose. Call the attorneys at Lijt Law right away to defend your place as a future resident or citizens of the United States today.

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