Our Pledge

LIJT LAW pledges exceptional, personal, and honest representation for your criminal or immigration case in all of Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area.

We explore and meticulously analyze every aspect of your case to achieve the best possible result for you, no matter what the circumstances.

When fighting your case we never forget that more than your guilt or innocence is at stake. We understand that your reputation, professional license, business license, immigration status, or career may be at risk as well. We pledge to address these and any other concerns you may have when handling your case.

We will always be honest with you, and never promise results that we cannot deliver. We offer a free consultation and we promise an honest assessment of your case. If there is nothing we can do to help you, we will let you know. If there is someone who can better represent you, we will point you in that direction.

Unlike larger firms that often neglect individual clients, we are committed to each of our clients, as well as their families, no matter the size of the case or the charges at issue. We understand that criminal cases affect not only the individual charged with a crime, but his or her loved ones as well.

Finally, we pledge to work with you so that you understand the law, the process, and the options available to you. Our philosophy is that an informed client is an intelligent client, and together we can achieve the best possible result on your case.

Get Dedicated And Aggressive Legal Representation

Partner with an experienced defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Facing criminal charges is complicated enough for citizens of the United States. It gets even more complex for immigrants and permanent residents. If you're up against criminal or federal charges, choose an attorney that's experienced with criminal and immigration law.

At LIJT LAW, you can hire a defense attorney who will explore every possible angle to defend your liberty. We understand the effects convictions can have on your immigration status. You can rest assured that we'll guide you around common pitfalls and will fight every step of the way for a favorable outcome. Arrange for a consultation with our defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA when you call 323-379-5458.

How we can help

LIJT LAW uses a client-focused approach and will help you through every aspect of your legal situation. Call our criminal and white-collar defense lawyer to...

Research your case and help you build an effective defense
Help you apply for citizenship and advance your immigration status
Protect you from consequences like incarceration and deportation in your criminal case

We accept all kinds of cases involving criminal, federal and white-collar crimes. Speak with a skilled immigration and white-collar defense lawyer by contacting us today.