Open the Door to Immigration in Los Angeles, CA

Speak to an immigration attorney about vacating past offenses

Are you trying to immigrate, but an old charge is getting in your way? LIJT LAW of Los Angeles, CA may be able to assist you. Attorney Martin Lijtmaer provides immigration violation defense services. As an immigration attorney, he helps non-citizen clients vacate past offenses and avoid harsh immigration consequences.

To explore your options for vacating past convictions, meet with attorney Martin Lijtmaer today.

How can our attorney help you?

Immigrating to the U.S. is already difficult enough, but having past convictions can make this process even harder. An immigration attorney can help a client:

  • Reopen an old criminal case
  • Examine every facet of the case
  • Seek to clear or vacate the case

Whether you want an attorney to look at an old conviction or provide immigration violation defense services, our attorney can represent you. Attorney Martin Lijtmaer practices both state and federal law. Contact him now for representation.

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