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LIJT LAW was established with the philosophy that an attorney is most effective when fighting alongside his client. By understanding who you are, knowing your story, and carefully considering the circumstances of your criminal or immigration case, LIJT LAW pursues the best course of action and achieves the best results for you, your loved one, or your business.

In the criminal field, Martin Lijtmaer represents clients in all California courts - both state and federal. He handles cases from misdemeanors such as DUI, drug possession and resisting arrest, to serious felonies such as drug trafficking, , rape, and murder .

Mr Lijtmaer also has considerable experience and success litigating complex white-collar matters and acting in an advisory capacity to ensure businesses are following the law to avoid costly, and potentially devastating, criminal investigations and prosecutions.

With respect to immigration law, Mr. Lijtmaer has handled all aspects of the immigration process from applications for residency and citizenship, to full blown deportation defense. Mr. Lijtmaer also has a focus in handling "crimmigration" cases - the complicated crossover of the criminal and immigration fields. In this regard, he has helped many clients vacate their convictions to qualify them for immigration relief and protect them from deportation.

Mr Lijtmaer graduated from Northwestern School of Law in Chicago. His article criticizing the felony-murder rule in Illinois was selected for publication in Northwestern's prestigious Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. Prior to moving to Southern California, Mr. Lijtmaer worked as an associate at a top-ranked New York law firm in the white-collar group and general litigation.

Mr. Lijtmaer founded LIJT LAW to focus his practice exclusively on criminal defense and immigration. He prides himself on his unparalleled relationships with his clients and his consummate professionalism both in and out of the courtroom.

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