Lower charge in criminal case

I could not ever say enough about Martín’s hard Work, he is always on top of things to win your case.
You don’t have to be looking for him, he will contact you and keep you up date.
There’s a point you don’t see him as your Lawyer.
He is an amazing human being that really wants to help you.
I feel so lucky to have him by my side.


Outstanding Superior Awesome Criminal Attorney Martin Lijtmaer

I am so very Grateful for the Excellent and Outstanding Legal Advise and Council of Martin Lijtmaer. He is an awesome, caring, dedicated and powerful criminal attorney. Martin provided great ideas, insights and options at our first consultation. He made me feel comfortable and confident in the possibilities. In court, Martin Liijtmaer was brilliant and helped me immensely! The proceedings went better than I could have imagined or hoped for!! I recommend Martin Lijtmaer with 10 stars or even 11 stars if possible!!! He has a terrific reputation and has earned the respect of the courts, and he has a perceptive understanding from his experience of working with various judges and DA’s that helps in his Guidance as to the best ways to proceed for each case! Martin has tremendous integrity, intelligence, and he goes the extra mile!


Amazing Attorney

After being referred to Martin , my family and I believed it was in our best interest to hire him as our attorney. From the beginning he showed seriousness and a professional attitude towards my case. Martin saved my life and helped me get off probation early and got my felonies removed also , we were extremely satisfied with Martin’s work and forever grateful to have been introduced to him


Couldn’t be more satisfied. Martin gives great results!

I was referred to Martin with highest regards from a friend for two cases I had pending.
Being extremely nervous yet hopeful Martin made an excellent first impression on the phone with me and gave me the rundown of what to expect. My cases were intertwined and somewhat complex and Matin assured me he would do everything to make sure I was ok. He went above and beyond my expectations and gave me better results than I had even expected. He worked with me financially and every dollar spent was worth it. I’ve heard many stories about different lawyers and was happily reassured from Martin’s work and knowledge that he is as good as they get. I would definitely recommend Martin to everyone who has a criminal case or anything beyond that. Thanks again for all of your help and allowing me to move on with my life with a clean slate and fresh start.


Martin’e Review From Dante Patterson

Martin is the best Attorney I’ve experienced and who I have heard others have experience. Not only is he honest, polite, loyal, but his tenacity and pro-activeness to get the job done is extraordinary top notch. It’s funny that I mention that he’s patient because usually it’s the client that has to be patient. He kept me abreast of my case almost daily regardless if progress or not but mostly progress. He’s a dedicated Attorney and I know for a fact in 5-10 years he will need help regardless if he wants to do all the foot work himself. He’s clientele will grow substantially. He’s made my life easy with the mistakes I made and made me feel comfortable even when odds looked against me. Thank You Martin for all your hard work and pro-activeness. Your phone number will remain in my book for friends and family if and when needed. God Bless


Thank you letter

Dear Mr. Lijtmaer,
Just want to say thank you for all you done for me. I never really had a needed a lawyer but i ran into some trouble and needed help and having you represent me made me feel lucky I had a lawyer like you. I really appreciated the time and your persistence in handling my case and the excellent results and outcome the wont affect my future and for that I am Truly Thankful! Kassy L..